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For a year my novel The Whole Plot's Crazy sat on the desk of an editor at a traditional publisher. I know the publishing industry moves at a snail's pace, so I only called the editor 3 times during that year. Finally I met the editor at a writing conference. He told me he no longer worked for that publisher. Fired or let go, it dod not matter. He had sat on my book for a year. This is one reason why I do not honor "No simultaneous sumbissions."

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Amy Signs, a Mother, Her Deaf Daughter andTheir Stories  marks a signature departure from other books about raising a Deaf child, because the story is told from two perspectives: that of the hearing parent and of the Deaf child. The book provides help and hope to parents who are raising any special needs child, not just a Deaf child.

One reader commented "Amy Signs should be titled, Everything You Wanted to Know About Deafness But Were Afraid to Ask."

Should all Deaf and their families learn ASL? "Yes!" Amy says. Read her reasons in Amy Signs.

Amy Signs will encourage parents of a child with any disability, not just deafness.

Read Amy Signs at your library or buy a  copy at bookstores or online.