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Plays! Plays! Plays! The Play is the Thing

Buyers Beware is a 20 minute play suitable for Reader's Theater or  entertainment for your holiday parties. 

This one-act play requires two men and two women over the age of 30.  It has a  simple set and props so it works  well for a Readers Theater. The clever play portrays two couples discussing what to buy each other for Christmas gifts. The struggles of men buying for women and vice versa provides plenty of laughs.  Perfect for entertaining a church group, literary meeting, or other organization. Running time 40 minutes.

To produce this one act play or to receive information on my two-act award-winning dra-medy, BitterSweet Chocolates, which had its world premiere in Houma, Louisiana in 2007, contact me. 


Edit, Re-edit, and Edit Once Again

For those older than 60, you know what I mean when I say that submitting a book to an agent is like listening to a broken record. Rejection, rejection, rejection.  I've submitted my novel with the working title, Rebel's Life in Shoes, l to more than 100 agents and publishers. Who would have thought that many people would refuse such a marvelous book, but they have. 

Not wanting to accept failure, I've edited the book several more times, and had it professionally edited. I'm now putting a new record on the submission record player and hope this one won't become a broken record. Wish me luck.

The first chapter may be read by clicking here.

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My Publishing Credits

Amy Signs, A Mother, Her Deaf Daughter and Their Stories (Gallaudet University Press 2012) A joint memoir written by my Deaf daughter Amy Willman and me. I detail the painful decisions a parent makes when they have a child with a disability, and Amy explains everything you wanted to know about Deafness but were afraid to ask.  Contact me at for an autographed copy or to request a speaker.

Love is a Verb (Bethany House 2009)  Bestselling author Gary Chapman provides comments on stories by various authors on what happens when love comes alive. My story, The Hug I'll Never Forget is on page 40.  The book has more than 40 true stories to uplift and encourage readers

All My Good Habits I learned from Grandma (Thomas Nelson, 2007.) A great gift book filled with photos, clever saying, and more than 20 stories about delightful grandmas. My story, Me First, is on page 117 Frommy Grandma I learned that being first in not always best, especially if doing some stupid is at stake.

Best Mom in the World, (Howard Books, 2008) A great gift book filled with poems, letters to mom, photos,stories, and scriptures. My story, The Language of Love about Scrabble playing begins on page 55.