Amy Signs marks a signature departure from other books about raising a Deaf child, because the story is told from two perspectives: that of the hearing parent and of the Deaf child. The book provides help and hope to parents who are raising any special needs child, not just a Deaf child.

Amy's sections of the book will give readers a first-hand account of what it is like to be Deaf in a hearing world. Should all Deaf and their families learn ASL? "Yes!" Amy says. Read her reasons in Amy Signs.

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My Agent Search Continues

This month I have submitted query letters to 12 agents/publishers for my novel, The Whole Plot's Crazy. So far no responses, but that does not surprise me. Agents take months, if ever to respond, so while I wait, I will submit to another dozen next month. Wish me luck via email.

 Writing: Art in Progress

Writers Write, Edit, Rewrite, Edit and Write Again

I'd like to rest on my laurels, but I have none. Few authors do. Having Amy Signs published by Gallaudet University Press in Washington, D.C. fulfilled a dream I had for more than 35 years, but I don't want to be a one-hit wonder like the Baha Men who sang Who Let the Dogs Out.

I'm delighted to report I have finished my young adult novel, The Whole Plots Crazy.  Next I will give the manuscript a final reading and editing. After the first of the year I will begin the process of finding a publisher. Publishers and editors like to know that readers enjoy the characters, might buy the book, or found the writing enjoyable.

YOU can help me. Select the CRAZY tab above to read the first chapter of The Whole Plot's Crazy. Did it hold your interest. Do you like Rebel? Do you want to read more? Send me feedback so I may include it with my query letter to agents and publishers. Thank you. Send comments to

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