Amy Signs, A Mother Her Deaf Daughter and Their Stories marks a signature departure from other books about raising a Deaf child, because the story is told from two perspectives: that of the hearing parent and of the Deaf child. The book provides help and hope to parents who are raising any special needs child, not just a Deaf child.

Amy's sections of the book will give readers a first-hand account of what it is like to be Deaf in a hearing world. Should all Deaf and their families learn ASL? "Yes!" Amy says. Read her reasons in Amy Signs.

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My blog is a mish-mash of events in my life. It is a short read that I try to publish every week. My next book, which is nearing completion, will be a humorous coming of age tale about Rebel, a young girl in Shonefeld, Kansas, who is surrounded by quirky neighbors. Rebel's adventures and her desire to unearth a family secret will entertain readers from middle school and above. 

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My Denver book tour was a great success, primarilydue to the tireless efforts of Nancy Kneipple, my friend and publicist. The Dry Creek Sertoma Club in South Denver, composed of a group of super-active ladies who promote  hearing awareness, warmly welcomed me. After one member read Amy Signs, she sent me this wonderful note: "Thank you so much for attending our Dry Creek Sertoma Club and telling us about your life and the challenges of raising a deaf daughter. Most of us had never thought of all the various obstacles you and your family faced while trying to give Amy the opportunity to be 'normal.' Amy Signs is full of joy and also trauma and sadness. My congratulations and thanks to you and Amy for sharing your deep emotions with the world. I am a better person for having read your book. I am sharing it with a family who work with developmentally challenged students in several school.   Carol"

 Denver Book Tour: Just the Facts

 I begin my tour with a breakfast meeting with the Creek Sertoma Club. Speaking to the women of the UU Church Book Club was a first for me. I received their feedback on Amy Signs,  answered their questions, and added more details about raising a Deaf child than what I wrote about in Amy Signs.

Meeting a local writers' group  gave me the opportunity to encourage fellow writers. Unless you are a writer, you can't imagine the loneliness and frustration that is a large part of the process of writing for publication.On the Colorado University campus in Boulder, I had the opportunity to speak to a group of people with hearing loss, as well as to university staff and students. I hope the educators and students will understand the necessity to read Amy Signs if they have chosen a career that involves working with Deaf or hard of hearing individuals. 


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My good friend and fellow writer, Laura Dragon, had her first book, Hurricane Boy recently published by Pelican Press. 

Laura is a children's counselor by day and a writer by night.    Hurricane Boy is fiction, but based on events that happened to children who were separated from their families in the aftermath of Hurricane Katrina. Suitable for middle school and above 

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