No Rest for the Weary Author

I'd like to rest of my laurels, but like most authors, I have none. Having Amy Signs published by Gallaudet University Press in Washington, D.C. was a dream fulfilled, but I do not want to be a one-hit wonder like the Baja Boys who recorded Who Let the Dogs Out.

My Novel, The Whole Plot's Crazy is being considered by a traditional publisher. I've been asked to compare my novel to other books and authors.

I need your help! Please read the first chapter and email me your comments.

Does my novel remind you of another author, another book, a movie or TV show? Would you like to read more? What is your age and gender?

Authors Amy Willman and Rebecca Willman Gernon. Contact me.

Amy Signs, a Mother, Her Deaf Daughter andTheir Stories  marks a signature departure from other books about raising a Deaf child, because the story is told from two perspectives: that of the hearing parent and of the Deaf child. The book provides help and hope to parents who are raising any special needs child, not just a Deaf child.

Amy's sections of the book will give readers a first-hand account of what it is like to be Deaf in a hearing world.  One reader commented that Amy Signs should be titled, "Everything You Wanted to Know About Deafness But Were Afraid to Ask." Should all Deaf and their families learn ASL? "Yes!" Amy says. Read her reasons in Amy Signs.

Read Amy Signs at your library or buy a personal copy at bookstores or online.