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My latest post....Gone From Bad to Worse

I heard a comedian say years ago. "Life goes from bad to worse and then cycles around again." I thought the Sicilian and I were in the worse portion of the cycle since we began dog sitting Molly, a dog that is not housebroken on Monday (AARRGH), but I was wrong. This morning I received a Fraud Alert in my email. Yep, our credit card has been hacked.

I called the number in the email, but hung up before anyone could answer, thinking, this could be a phishing message. I then called the number on my credit card, and learned that someone a thousand miles from me was buying tickets on United Airlines, in addition to the 42 cent purchase by a construction company that triggered the fraud alert. I ask you, "What can you buy for 42 cents?"   A nail? Four screws?  A third of a candy bar?

When the Sicilian heard me talking to the credit card company, his Sicilian let's-get-revenge gene kicked into high gear.

"It's the damn Chinese. They are going to ruin this country. And people like you support them by going to see the great wall."

(Yes, I visited China several years ago and was able to walk on the great wall, but I did not realize this act would result in my credit card being hacked.)

"It could have been people from anyplace," I said. "Africa, the Bahamas, you name it. They all want our money."

His tirade continued. I left the room.

His real problem: The stress of double dog duty. 

The Sicilian volunteered to dog sit Molly, a small dog that is part Shit-zu. Yep, that is the correct spelling. Molly is a white ball of unhousebroken fur that pees as often as a pregnant woman. Despite being a decent person, I was against the kind gesture of dog sitting. One dog, Spot the Wonder Dog, is more than enough dog for me. Dog sitting has resulted in less sleep for both of us, and him being on  watch from 6 a.m. until 9 p.m. so Molly does not pee in our house again, and Spot so does not attack the intruder into her domain.

We were told by her owners that Molly is accustomed to peeing on puppy pads. (If only she would.) We were also told,  "If Molly starts sniffing around, take her outside." The Sicilian has opened the doors to our house more than bank doors were opened when there was a run on them during the Great Depression.

I was left with dog duty on Wednesday morning while the Sicilian played golf. When he returned home at one, I said, "I"ve had it with these bitches." (For the uneducated, bitch is the correct name for a female dog.)

The Sicilian said,"I'll get pee pads tomorrow."

"Tomorrow? You're nuts. Go now," I said.

He did. A waste of $10 on the credit card,  The pee pad sits unused in the kitchen, not so the chair legs in the dining room. (Perhaps I should have disputed this $10 charge on my hacked credit card this morning.)

As a reward for the Sicilian's patience, and his becoming the poo and pee king of our house, we put Molly in her kennel, left Spot to roam the house and escaped to see The Martian at the local Movie Tavern.  At last, I thought. Two hours and 22 minutes of peace, quiet, and entertainment. Wrong again. The woman sitting beside me had not been to a movie in a theater for years and felt the need to speak a running commentary. "Did you see that?"  "Wow. Now what?" "Bet he's going to climb that mountain." On and on.  Little did she know that she was sitting by a woman in the worse phase of her bad to worse cycle.

"Can you refrain from talking during the movie?" I said after hissing SHHHHH several times brought no results.

Then the Sicilian said, "The man beside me just left. I'm checking his chair. If he left a box or something suspicious behind we're leaving the theater."

Thank God, no box of possible explosives was found and the lady beside me zipped her lips for the rest of the movie. Does this mean I have left worse cycle and am back in the bad cycle? I hope so.